Take the I’M HERE Pledge

Take the Pledge

Promise this to yourself: I pledge to be present and available as much as possible for my patients.



  1. Clinical Nurse Manager – Surgical ICU
    Barnes-Jewish Hospital – St. Louis, Missouri

  2. Barb DeWalle, RN, BSN :

    I have had the pleasure of working my entire 36 year career on the same unit at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, Mo. It is on this unit that I met an incredible young man with incredible challenges facing him. As Marcus’s nurse everytime I was on duty, his challenges also became mine. It is with honor to Marcus and all of my patients in the past, the present and the future, that I take this pledge.

  3. Elizabeth Taillon :

    Registered Nurse at Scott Air Force Base, IL

  4. Dena Henz, LPN GC :

    James a Haley. Va

  5. Janette Dailey :

    Administrative Director of Nursing
    Shannon Medical Center
    San Angelo, TX

  6. Gail Willmann BSN, RN, CCRN :

    Barnes-Jewish Hospital
    St. Louis, MO

  7. SSM Healthcare, St. Louis

  8. christina cates :

    Nurse at General Leonard Wood Community Hospital

  9. Jackie Lamb :

    University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
    Tulsa, Oklahoma

  10. Jackie Lamb :

    Faculty, College of Nursing
    University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
    Tulsa, Oklahoma

  11. Paula Mondloh, RN :

    MO-1 DMAT
    Retired NC/CFN, AFRC near Scott AFB, IL

  12. Michele Nadolsky BSN, RN, CPEN :

    Dayton Children’s Medical Center
    Soin Pediatric Trauma and Emergency Center
    Dayton, OH

  13. Lisa Reynolds :

    Dayton Children’s Medical Center

  14. Amy Bergeron R.N. :

    I work at Cooley Dickinson Hospital Northampton, MA.

  15. Michele Mecey RN, CCRN Barnes-Jewish Hospitl :

    I am proud to say that I feel I took this pledge when I decided to become nurse. I continue to carry it with me throughout my 25 yrs of nursing at Barnes-Jewish Hospital. I thank all the patients and families that have touched my life. I look forward to meeting many more.

  16. Michele Mecey RN, CCRN Barnes-Jewish Hospital, St. Louis, MO :

    I am proud to say, I feel I took this pledge in my heart when I decided to become a nurse. I am glad to publicly take it now. I have carried it with me throughout my 26yrs of nursing at Barnes-Jewish Hospital . I thank all the patients and families that have touched my life. I look forward to meeting many more!

  17. Jan Costello :

    Great seeeing you today, my friend. Be well!

  18. Janet Ryan, RN :

    Mobile Infirmary Medical Center ,
    Vascular Access Team, 32 years of nursing

  19. Dixie Jones MN, RN, RN-BC, RN-Educator, Mobile Infirmary, Mobile, AL :

    The inspiring story of Jennifer and Marcus should be an inspiration to all of us in Healthcare today. As a nurse of 42+ years and an educator of nurses in the hospital setting, I am proud to wear the I’m Here bracelet to remind me every day that we “are here” not only for our patients but to also be here to inspire those who take care of our patients to be compassionate and caring. I am proud to take this pledge and live it both in my professional life, but in my personal life as well.

  20. Dixie Jones MN, RN, RN-BC, RN-Educator, Mobile Infirmary, Mobile, AL :

    The inspiring story of Jennifer and Marcus should be an inspiration to all of us in Healthcare today. As a nurse of 42+ years and an educator of nurses in the hospital setting, I am proud to wear the I’m Here bracelet to remind me every day that we “are here” not only for our patients but to also be here to inspire those who take care of our patients to be compassionate and caring. I am proud to take this pledge and live it both in my professional life, but in my personal life as well.

  21. Breeana Pohar :

    Though I have not started working in.a health care facility I did achieve my goal for my senior year and I am now a certifies nurse assistant. I love knowing that I will now be able to be there for someone in need when they need someone most.

  22. Colleen Schott- EMT, CPS, FPS :

    It’s so rewarding to know that something you said or something you did, no matter how insignificant it seems at the time, can make a world of difference in someones recovery.

  23. Marvelyne Engel :

    Counselor, Trauma Care Specialist
    I’m Here Movement!

  24. I teach this to my students every time I teach. Great Clemson and UCF nurses are part of I’m here!

  25. New Britain, CT – Inpatient Physical Rehab

  26. Allison Mortenson :

    RN, BSN at Mercy Regional Medical Center in Durango, CO

  27. Megan L. Shetrompf, RN :

    Lancaster rehabilitation hospital– I pledge to always be here for my patients… I love what I do. & I hope I touch my patients at least a fraction of how much this young lady touched that young man years ago…

  28. Maria Walter :

    I graduated this evening from Lancaster General College of Nursing & Health Sciences with an Associate of Science in Nursing. We were lucky enough to have you as our commencement speaker. I knew that I would take this pledge as soon as I got home. Thank you Marcus for this wonderful idea and for spreading the word that so many people need to hear! Compassion is what I try to show each and every patient I come into contact with and I pledge to always let my patients know that “I’m here!”

  29. Annie Lattanzio Hale :

    Lancaster General Health

  30. Ashley Arnold, RN :

    I promise to always be emotionally and physically available to my patients as much as possible!

  31. Patrick Murphy :

    I recently was introduced to Marcus’s story at a Re-igniting the Spirit of Caring seminar. His section on the CD “See Me As A Person” has made such a impact on the way I treat and care for everyone of my patient’s. “I am here for all my patients because of Marcus’s message. With that message I am honored to take the pledge.

  32. Cassie A Moore :

    Graduate nurse awaiting NCLEX exam to become employed as a RN

  33. Amber Cunningham :

    After listening to marcus’s story at my college graduation, I am truly inspired. It is my goal as a new nurse to always be there for my patients. He is an inspiration, and so is his story. I pray that some day i have such an impact on my patients.

  34. Amber Cunningham :

    Graduate Nurse, Holy Spirit Hospital, Camphill PA.
    After listening to marcus’s story at my college graduation, I am truly inspired. It is my goal as a new nurse to always be there for my patients. He is an inspiration, and so is his story. I pray that some day i have such an impact on my patients.

  35. Veronica Davis :

    I am a graduate nurse who had the opportunity to listen to Marcus’ story at our graduation on Friday night. I was completely touched and will forever remember his words! Thank you!!

  36. Brittany Rohrer :

    I am a recent graduate from nursing school and after listening to Marcus’s speech at our graduation I want to vow to always be there for my patients. My family knows first hand what it meant to us for a nurse to be there for my brother as well as us, his family. It makes a difference and we need more nurses and healthcare professionals that are there! Thank you Marcus for sharing your story with us. “I’m Here!”

  37. Jamee Luckenbill :

    I am a graduate nurse and had the privilege of hearing Marcus speak at my graduation!

  38. Mary-Elizabeth Taylor :

    I met you in the St Francis ER. I am a registered nurse.

  39. Kimberly Wilkes,RNC-NIC :

    Marcus, I met you at the recent Neonatal Symposium at Winnie Palmer Hospital. Hearing your story touched my heart more than you will ever know. I am a registered nurse in two NICU’s (Lakeland Regional Medical Center and Regency Medical Center for Woman and Infants-a division of Winter Haven Hospital) and although I am aware of the importance of the human touch and simple caring compassionate words spoken to someone in need or suffering in a hospital bed, you truly touched my soul with your compassionate words to a room full of RN’s, RT’s and Doctors the other day sharing the difference or impact we have on our patients. Before becoming a registered nurse my son (born with craniofacial birth defects) and our family were fortunate to have fantastic compassionate nurses that inspired me to become an RN and give back the compassionate care we received for 18years. I pledge and promise to be present for my patients, to compassionately communicate to my patients and their families, and to listen to their needs. “I’m Here”

  40. Allyson Chute :

    I pledge to be by my patients side when ever I can be. I pledge to hold their hand, sing them their favorite songs, bring them special snack and help them be at peace and feel safe.

  41. Diane Dow RN, BSN :

    As a St Francis Hospital nurse I am proud to take this pledge…

  42. Ingrid Cole :

    RN in training at UCF

  43. Victoria Duvall :

    Certified Nursing Assistant and Student set to graduate from B.S.N. program in just a few short month.

  44. Kristina Stockford :

    Future RN. State Exam in 2 weeks.

  45. Debbie Pupkins, RN CEN. Singing River Hospital, Pascagoula, MS :

    Thanks for sharing your life-changing story. I will proudly wear my bracelet and tell patients and co-workers ” why I’m Here”.

  46. Josie White :

    Student nurse graduating in two months and pledging my best to ALL my patients!

  47. Stacey Creech, Bereavement/Family Support, Patient Care Assistant :

    Dayton Children’s Medical Center, Dayton, Ohio

  48. Iris Appenrodt :

    I am a senior nursing student/future VA nurse and “I am here” for all my patients!

  49. Patricia Mullins :

    Valor Nursing Student
    I met Marcus at our first general meeting in 2013 for the Student Nurses’ Association at the University of Central Florida, and his story touched all of us. I am proud to say, “I’m Here.”

  50. Timothy M. Way R.N. :

    Midstate Medical Center
    Meriden, Ct.

  51. Geraldine Martinez :

    Senior UCF Nursing Student
    VP SNA UCF chapter
    FNSA Region 4 Director & Community Health Chair

  52. Sheila Englebardt :

    I was privileged to read all of Marc’s books and to meet him in person. While no longer a clinician, I humbly take the pledge to be here for all who need my skills, knowledge and support.

  53. Greg Souders :

    Critical Care Paremdic
    Colquitt County EMS
    Emergency Medicine 35 years
    Response Source Training Institute, LLC

  54. Melissa Young, RN :

    RN at Hartford Hospital Institute of Living, Hartford, CT

  55. Laura Branson :

    I am an RN at Mercy Regional Medical Center in Durango, CO

  56. Linda Crane, RN CCRN :

    Nursing is a calling, and I have always beleived in treating each person how you would want to be treated. Thank you Marcus for sharing your experiences and reminding us to be human in times when technology and staffing shortages make it harder.

  57. Heidi LeGates :

    I met Marcus today and feel so blessed and honored. After reading his book (3times) I am comitting to doing everything in my power to increase the awareness of leading compassionate care. My family has just suffered with my husband through a major life altering event and this reasonates with me to the fullest.
    All of us as healthcare professionals need to stand hand in hand with Marcus and change the perception of healthcare across the country. We owe it to each other as fellow human beings to serve patients/families at the time of need. A little compassion can resolve a lot of issues that may be lif altering.

  58. Carol Sigman MSN, RNC Bayhealth Medical Center :

    Thank you Marcus for sharing your story and inspiring me with your message, ” I’m here”.

  59. Robert Chambers, SN - EUP :

    What an amazing story and movement. I’m a graduating nurse this December and feel honored to enter a profession with so much compassion and support. Thank you Marcus for your courage and inspiration and Jennifer for your selflessness and dedication to the most important aspect of our profession, “The Patient”. I am honored to take this pledge and support this fantastic movement!

  60. Carolyn Hughes, RN, MSN :

    Nursing Professional Development Specialist

  61. Myriam Cedres-Rios :

    CPhT Milford Memorial Hospital

  62. Marcus and Marvalenye, it was a pleasure meeting you and thank you so much for the wristbands. Thank you for helping us to keep therapeutic relationships in front of all of our colleagues through the use of your wristband “I’m here” as a physical reminder to us to provide reassurance to our patients. All the best,
    Best Regards,

    Jane Christner
    Covenant Healthcare
    Saginaw, Michigan

  63. I look forward to learning from the materials and knowledge that you have provided for our management to grow from.

  64. It was great meeting you and hearing you speak last week at the RBC Symposium. Thank you again for the extraordinary movement you have initiated to restore and reinvigorate compassion and empathy at the bedside! We appreciate you for being vulnerable and sharing your story!
    I’m Here!!!

  65. Covenant HealthCare, Saginaw, Mi

  66. Chad Panek, BSN, RN. Covenant Healthcare, Saginaw, MI :


  67. Covenant Healthcare, Saginaw, MI

  68. Covenant HealthCare- Saginaw Michigan

  69. This is it!

  70. Cleveland Clinic – Cleveland Ohio
    Occupational Health Infection Prevention RN

  71. Taylor Lay RDMS RVT RCOS :

    Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
    UAB Medical Center
    Birmingham, AL

  72. Jennifer Johnson :

    Care attendant 6th floor Oncology unit.
    Faxon-St. Luke’s Healthcare New Hartford Ny

  73. Marie Smith RN :

    RN for 38 years
    Clinical Trials Coordinator
    Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare, Utica, NY

  74. Gayle Bankert :

    Faxton-St.Lukes Healthcare, NY

  75. Thanks Marcus! Southeast Tech in Red Wing Minnesota. Come back!

  76. Lori Diane Campbell :

    Via Christi Hospitals, Wichita, Kansas

  77. Thanks for sharing!

  78. Registered Nurse
    Mayo Clinic Florida

  79. Karen StLouis RPSGT/RST/RT :

    Thank you Marcus for sharing your story and inspiring me and the rest of the world with your message, ” I’m here”. – You are an AMAZING PERSON!!!! One I will NEVER forget!!! May you continue to be blessed <3

  80. Lindsey Brady :


  81. Martha Lebron :

    Retired RN, BSN
    My daughter heard you speak and told me your story. Even though I no longer work I’m here!

  82. Nursing student at IRSC

  83. courtnie johnson :

    College of centrsl florida nursing student

  84. BSN Nursing Student
    Florida Gulf Coast Universitty

  85. Kelsey Leonard-Methot :

    Santa Fe College, Gainesville, FL
    Nursing student
    Vice President of Nursing Student Association

  86. Student Nurse
    Seminole State College
    President of SSC SNA

    Your story was such an inspiration to me. I bought all of your books and can’t wait until Christmas break so I can read them!!!!! <3

  87. Michael Mcdonald RN :

    RN Rehab facility

  88. Veronica Lowry :

    Senior Nursing Student
    University of Central Florida

  89. UCF nursing student, BSN

  90. Faculty University of Central Florida
    “I’m here”

  91. Candace Johanboeke :

    Seminole State College
    Campus Community Health Co-Chair SSC SNA

  92. Brooke Wonderly :

    RN in training at UCF

  93. Lindsay Denkins :

    I’m here 🙂

  94. Nursing Student
    University of Central Florida

  95. Annabeth Huff :

    UCF student nurse

  96. Derek Eiflander :

    University of Central Florida Student Nurse
    FNSA Corresponding Secretary

  97. Ashley Candelora, student nurse at FGCU :

    I pledge to always remember why I wanted to be a nurse, to care for my patients during their time of need. I pledge to maintain my compassion for others even when it might not be easy and to always see things from the other end of the stethoscope,.

  98. Currently a Palm Beach State College Nursing student.

  99. Palm Beach State College Student Nurse
    NSA Corresponding Secretary

  100. Meighan Hanson , BSN, RN :

    Interim Home Health of Central Florida

  101. Meighan Hanson , BSN, RN :

    Interim Healthcare of Central Florida

  102. Kristen Stewart :

    I had the pleasure of hearing Marcus speak at the 59th FNSA Conference in Daytona. His story touched me in so many ways, and I was honored to meet him. I hope to have him back next year!
    I’m Here!
    Kristen Stewart
    -FNSA 2nd Vice President
    -Palm Beach State College Junior E-Board Vice President

  103. Thank you Marcus! You make us all better healthcare professionals!
    Nurse Tech – Orlando VA Medical Center
    BSN Student – University of Central Florida

  104. Melissa Morton :

    After hearing Marcus speak at the FNSA Conference in Daytona, there is no way I could not take this pledge. His story has changed my way of thinking and handling situations. I am so honored that he was able to share his story with us.
    I’m Here!! 🙂

    -Palm Beach State College Student Nurse
    -Senior E-Board NSA Treasurer (Palm Beach State College)

  105. Robert De Jong, RDMS, RVT :

    Sonographer Manager
    The Johns Hopkins Hospital
    Baltimore, MD

    Thank you for your inspiring message. I join the “I’m Here” to remember to be there for my patients and to inspire others.

  106. Marie Lightfoot :

    I’m here!

  107. Marie Lightfoot :

    Student Florida State College at Jacksonville
    President Florida State College at Jacksonville Student Nurses Association

  108. “I’m Here”
    BSN Student – University of Central Florida

  109. Kerri Landress :

    I’m here! Thank you for sharing your story. Your inspiration is amazing!

  110. Sarah Thomas, SN :

    Marcus reminds us that it’s the simplest things we do that make the biggest difference for our patients… I pledge to never forget the power of simple human presence.

  111. After 35 years of Paraprofessional and Medical Case Management work, currently a full-time nursing student, I have in the past and will continue in the future to keep this pledge a part of my practice. Thank you for the reminder and the opportunity to reaffirm these values.

    Florida State College Jacksonville

  112. Amy Nugent, RN :

    I’m Here

  113. Claudia Williams, SN :

    Never forget to care. I’m here too.

  114. Registered Nurse – Outcomes Consultant with GetWellNetwork

  115. Kirsti Davis RN :

    Chemical Dependency Services, Canton Potsdam Hospital; Potsdam, NY
    The most simple yet most IMPORTANT aspect of nursing you could never learn through a textbook… I’m here! Thanks for your passion and inspiration!

  116. Fran Hall, RN :

    Assistant Vice President for Patient Care
    Canton-Potsdam Hospital

  117. University of Missouri
    DMU Student

  118. DMU student at The University of Missouri: Columbia

  119. Lorelly Crespo :

    “I’m Here”… I pledge to never forget how to be present and the power of simple human touch and true words and what they do for our patients.
    Lorelly Crespo
    Nursing student and future class of May 2014.
    College of central Florida

  120. DMU student at University of Missouri- I’m here!

  121. Rachel Guignard, RN :

    I’m here.
    Taylor Hospital, Crozer-Keystone Health System

  122. Alexandra Milnes, RN :

    Thank you for delivering such a powerful message. I’m here.
    Taylor Hospital, Crozer-Keystone Health System

  123. Forever and always there for you!

  124. Even as an administrator and without providing direct patient care, I plegde to always be there for every patient that walks through our door.

  125. In the future, I want to be present for my patients because I want to. It is a privilege to be in nursing school.

  126. Maria Mellington, SN :

    Student Nurse, College of Central Florida
    Nurse Intern, Munroe Regional Medical Center
    The power of this story is insurmountable. Such an inspiration.
    No matter where my career might take me, I will always be here!

  127. Cara Kapaun, Penn State Hershey Medical center, PICU RN :

    I was moved by Marcus’ s story. I pledge to be there for my family, co-workers, patients and their families. I am blessed by those I share my life with, now and yet to come.

  128. Desiree Maier :

    College of Central Florida
    ADN Student

  129. I have been honored to both practice the art of nursing as well as mentor/teach it for more than 24 years. Now matter where you practice-Nurses matter…
    In todays changing healthcare environment we are the LAST and undoubtedly the BEST in the long line of healthcare providers. Ours SHOULD BE a calling and we MUST support each patient BETTER than we treat our families and each other…which should be with dignity ,honor and respect. Thanks for the reminder of why I became a nurse and continue to practice. Support and encouragement are awesome gifts we should give daily…and to all.

  130. Jessica Ortiz, RN :

    Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital, Vancouver WA.
    Recovery RN

  131. I am a student nurse at the College of Central Florida and an advanced nurse intern at Munroe Regional Medical Center in Ocala, FL.

  132. Carolyn Reeves :

    I am currently a nursing student at Clemson University. I have recently been thinking about pursuing medical school because I know how most physicians treat their patients and their coworkers. I want to help change the way physicians are talked about. I want to be a physician that encourages my team and coworkers as well as spends time with my patients. I hope to take the caring aspects of nursing and bring it into the medical field.

  133. Margaret Ann Wetsel, PhD, RN :

    The Clemson University School of Nursing Psychosocial Nursing class & I join Marcus Engel and all of you in the commitment to bring a caring presence to each patient and family encounter!
    Ann Wetsel, PhD, RN

  134. Lindsey Strossner :

    I am currently a student at Clemson University, although I am not in a medical field major, nor pursuing one, I wanted to take the pledge to help spread this great movement not just to patients, but to everyone. I have felt alone many times in life and it always helps me to hear someone tell me “I’m here” or “I’m here for you”! It brings joy to my heart to see compassion and I was truly blessed and moved by Marcus and his story!

  135. I am a nursing student at Clemson University and had the pleasure of hearing Marcus speak to my class last week. After reading one of his books in my Professionalism class last spring, I was so excited when I realized our speaker was THE Marcus from “The Other End of The Stethoscope.” I will always be reminded of his story and how it has impacted me to become the nurse I want to be one day!

  136. Corin Allen BSN, RN :

    I’m Here!

  137. Terri Murphy, RN :

    I’m Here!
    Marcus, Thank you for your story of inspiration and impact.
    Informatics RN-South Lake Hospital, Florida
    BSN student-University of Central Florida

  138. Michael Ryans, BSRT(R), CNMT :

    OU Medical Center, Oklahoma City, OK

  139. Jessica Elliott, MA, CCC-SLP :

    Pediatric Speech – Language Pathologist

  140. Lindsay Malbec :

    Dietetic Student- University of Oklahoma

  141. Carrie Ciro, PhD, OTR/L :

    I’m sooo here. 🙂
    Unversity of Oklahoma Occupational Therapy Program

  142. Sabrina Zeiler :

    University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
    Oklahoma City, OK

  143. University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
    Physical Therapy Student

  144. Future Occupational Therapist!

  145. Mark J. Fisher, PhD, RN :

    I’m all in!

  146. Ashley Hobson :

    Occupational therapy student at The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

  147. Angela Corallo :

    Occupational therapy student at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Tulsa Campus

  148. Madison Wells :

    University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
    Speech-Language Pathology student

  149. Kayla Howerton :

    The University of Oklahoma
    Doctoral Audiology Student

  150. Gail S. Mansell :

    Atlantic General Hospital & Heath System
    Director, Palliative Medicine & Pastoral Care Services

  151. Kyle Sampson BSN, RN :

    St. Anthony’s Medical Center, Saint Louis, MO

  152. St.Anthony’s Medical Center

  153. Phlebotomist
    St. Anthony Shawnee Hospital

  154. Kelly Tomlinson :

    Nurse Tech in Acute Care at StAnthony’s Hospital on Shawnee , OK. No letters after my name (yet), but lots of compassion in my heart. Thank you for the inspiration! I’m here!

  155. Charlene Hannah :

    Business office-for St Anthony Shawnee Hospital, thank you so much Marcus for touching so many lives. Even though I do not have direct paitent care I still have a part in the patients visit to our hospital and can still be that light and the end of the tunnel.

  156. Elizabeth Avery :

    RN, BSN at St. Anthony’s Medical Center
    St. Louis, Missouri

  157. Elizabeth Avery :

    RN, BSN at St. Anthony’s Medical Center
    St. Louis, Missouri

  158. Jessica Johnston BSN, RN :

    Saint Anthony’s Medical Center
    Saint Louis, MO

  159. Radiation Therapy Student at Wayne State University, Detroit Michigan.
    Employeed at Henry Ford Health System Detroit Michigan.
    I’M HERE! These two little words can change a life, I am happy to say when listening to Marcus’ experiences I was able to relate. I once said these words to a patient who was paralyzed from the neck down due to a drunk driver. He too, thanked me, for such a simple thing. I’m happy to say I didn’t know it then but I took that pledge and will continue to do so throughout my career!

  160. Lauren Lombardo :

    Physician Assistant Student
    Wayne State University, Detroit MI

  161. Sheila, RT(R)(M) :

    St John Hospital & Medical Center
    Detroit, MI

  162. Michele Letson :

    I try to take the pledge and have always wanted to do what is right for my patients. With all the demands put on Rn’s especially with the computer charting it has really taken away from bedside nursing. That is one of the reasons I went into nursing. A
    As you know I was a RN at Faxtone St Lukes Healthcare and have moved to Portland Oregon to take on a Travel Position which has fallen through, but I certainly will spread the word.

  163. Administrative Director of Emergency Services in Denton, TX

  164. Stephanie Penner :

    St John Hospital and Medical Center School of Radiology Student
    Detriot, MI

  165. Linda D. Alford, MSN, CNS, ACNS-BC :

    Nursing Supervisor, Flagler Hospital, St. Augustine, FL

  166. Tara Nichols, MS, RN, CCRN, CCNS, ACNS-BC Clinical Nurse Specialist - Relationship Based Care :

    I’m here and I will keep sharing the dream!

  167. Radiology student at St. John Hospital and Medical Center.

  168. Meredith (Merry) Addison :

    I am HERE!!! Just as Dr. Seuss put so well in his “Horton Hears a Who” the tiny creature with the will to be heard, I am here… I am here… and I pledge to reach and teach Trauma Skills Nursing and Networking to any nurse or contact who wants to help

  169. Laura J. Marenger, CNA - ECHN Woodlake at Tolland, RN Student Nurse Goodwin College East Hartford, CT :

    I wear my “I’m here” wristband every day as a badge of honor. Such an amazing inspirational story I have taken to heart. Each and every day I work at the nursing home/rehab center and every clinical at the hospital I make an effort to ensure my patients know that I am there….I am there for them. Emotional well being and support is such an intricate part of healing. Thank you Marcus, thank you Jennifer.

  170. Julie, RN BSN :

    I am so inspired by this movement and vow to take the pledge to always be there for my patients. Sometimes it’s so easy to forget how vulnerable patients are and what it’s like to be a patient. Through all the hard times on shift, I will fight through and remember my patients are having a much worse night. I’m here.

  171. Mouree Rahman :

    Student at Lawrence North. First time hearing Marcus. I fell in love with his words. It was truly inspirational. I hope to live up to this pledge because his perception gave me one amazing one of my own.

  172. Krystal Irish, CCMA :

    I had the privilage of hearing Marcus and Jennifer’s story at the Indiana HOSA State Leadership Event. I have worked in health care for 16+ years, five of them as an Allied Health Instructor. I am getting ready to re-enter the patient care field, and hearing Marcus speak about his experience reminded me why I decided to enter this field. I feel that all students in the health care field should know about Marcus and the angels that helped him during his journey.

  173. Wayne State University Radiologic Technology Program Class of 2015 :

    We’re Here! Thank you for dedicating your life to improving patient care!!

  174. Southeast Missouri State University

  175. Desma Reno, Ph.D(c); APRN, GCNS-BC :

    Marcus is a special person and has inspired me and many others to become the best we can be. I love this movement as it says to all of us to be kind to others and to pay it forward. Thank you Marcus for reminding us of this.

  176. Betsy RN MSN :

    So inspired by your story!!! I”m here!!

  177. Angela Daniels, RN :

    I took the pledge!! I am an ER nurse and proud of it.

  178. Debra Helm RN :

    I’m Here❤️

  179. Cristina Loomis RN, BSN, CEN Barnes Jewish Hospital St. Louis, MO :

    Thank you Marcus and Jenny for sharing your story today at the 20th Annual Trends In Trauma Conference in St. Louis, MO. You touched us all. Your story reminds me and confirms for me why I lOVE my job! Your both a true inspiration!

  180. Dana Haynes :

    RN, BSN St Louis Children’s Hospital NICU

  181. Dana Wares RN :

    Thank you for sharing your story and for this movement!

  182. Yvonne Dobbenga-Rhodes, MS, RNC-OB, CNS, CNS-BC, CPN :

    I pledge to keep your message resonating in health care.

  183. Gillian Benton BSN RN CPN CCRN :

    Sometimes the simplest things we can do for our patients, even the youngest of pediatric patients, is to just be there for them. As a pediatric critical care nurse, I’m proud to take this pledge and honor it everyday.

  184. Michele Klippert :

    Marcus you were so inspiring. I pledge to always consider my patients first, think of what I am saying around my patients, and keep open lines of communication with my patinets and their families

  185. Cheryl Hinman :

    ED RN at Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County, Rock Springs, Wyoming

  186. teresa whittaker :

    I love my patients!!!

  187. Julia Morris, RN :

    Barnes Jewish Hospital, St Louis, MO

  188. Joe Biebel, RRT-NPS :

    I’m with you, Marcus!
    Bryn Mawr Hospital, Bryn Mawr, PA

  189. Deborah Sherwood RN, CPHRM :

    As a nurse every day I told myself to give my patients the same care and attention I would give my own mother if she were the patient. I hope my patients felt that I was always there for them. Be in the moment.

  190. Beth O'Reilley, BSN, RN, PCCN :

    Ambulatory Care Manager, Main Line Healthcare, Paoli, PA

  191. Marianne Schwalbe RN BSN MS :

    Nurse Manager Cath/EP/ Neuro Labs. Bryn Mawr Hospital Main line Health

  192. Lisa Muelleman RN BSN CCRN-E :

    RN for 26 years first in Labor and Delivery and then in a Neuro-Trauma ICU, now working at Mercy St. Louis at Mercy SafeWatch, I am excited to take the pledge and hopefully inspire those around me to see the value and inspiration in compassion and being present for all or patients needs spoken and unspoken.

  193. Cassandra Mussatti :

    St. Luke’s Milwaukee Wisconsin- Medical Respiratory ICU

  194. Fred A. Kelly II RN :

    Florida Hospital Altamonte, Florida – Emergency Department

  195. Jill Vana BSN, MS, RN-BC :

    I’m Here

  196. Michelle Adkins :

    I have always been present for my patient’s. Your book I’m here has inspired me to be vigilant to spread the words I’m here for myself, patients and other healthcare workers.
    Mercy Health
    Springfield Regional Medical Center
    Springfield, Ohio

  197. Terri Briggs MSN, RN :

    Not only will I gladly take this pledge but I will encourage the students that I help to educate to never forget this important message. God Bless

  198. Jacqlynn Asherman, MSN, RNC-OB, University of Saint Mary :

    Just read the first installation of “Moments with Marcus” in the Missouri Nursing News. Looking forward to passing “I’m here” on to nursing students this fall!

  199. Susanne Nix, RN BSN :

    Pediatric ICU

  200. Cherie Warren, MA, LPN :

    Nurses to Go
    I am an LPN working in Home Health Pediatrics, continuing my education for my RN and will be completed in 2015. I believe all nurses need to have this integrity and I strive everyday for more knowledge and to be as caring and compassionate as possible in my care.

    God Bless you and your organization.

  201. Rita Sullivan :

    Caring for Jesuit priests at Fusz Pavilion, Jesuit Hall

  202. Courtney Smith :

    I am currently a nursing student and I am taking the pledge for when I become a licensed nurse!

  203. Courtny Munger, RN BSN, John Cochran VA Medical Center St.Louis, MO :

    With all my heart.

  204. Integrity Home Care

  205. Melissa Kirkland :

    I pledge to be present for my patients.

  206. Currently a nursing student in a practical nursing program intending to bridge on through to my BSN, and work in the emergency room. Working now as a C.M.T at the Gingerbread House Inc. in my hometown in Missouri.

  207. Optometric assistant

  208. I am currently a nursing student in practicum and will be an RN by the end of the year. My eventual goal is to work in the emergency department. I pledge to always be present and available to all my patients.

  209. Josh Winowiecki, RN, CCRN :

    I pledge to stay in the moment with my patients; to listen, not just hear, what they tell me; to remain empathetic, not calloused. I pledge to continue advocating for my patients and to be their voice when they are unable to express themselves.

  210. Stephanie Stokes, Clinical Nurse Manager :

    I pledge to not only be here for my patients and staff, but to push the movement forward by sharing with my colleagues

  211. Katie Englund, RN BSN :

    I enjoyed reading The Other End of the Stethoscope during my BSN courses at the University of Central Florida. I was also inspired by Mr. Engel’s I’m Here Movement. I faithfully take the pledge and will encourage others to continue to be “present and available” to their patients. What a beautiful pledge for medical professionals to take.

  212. Integrity Home Care

  213. Larry Kirkbride :

    Thank you so much for taking a stand. I’ve never really listened to your music until today when I saw you on the view and heard your song. Very beautiful voice. I notice most say something about health insurance, I’ve been denied coverage at every turn due to me being seriuos hurt in a work injury that left me disabled. Again thank you and GOD BLESS YOU.

  214. Aeromedical Evacuation Technician, USAFR, Scott AFB, IL

  215. Student Nurse
    Goodwin College

  216. My name is Lisa M. Kootz, I will graduate December 18th, 2014 with an Associates of Science Registered Nurse. I will start my career with Cox Medical Center in Springfield, MO January 25th, 2015.

  217. Amber Martinez :

    Cardiovascular ICU and Step Down Unit
    Mercy Hospital
    Springfield, MO

  218. Yandira Boreland :

    Student Nurse, Goodwin College

  219. May God continue to bless you, your strength and your vision.

    Mercy College of Nursing; Graduate December 2014
    Springfield, MO

  220. Teresa Feemster :

    Student Nurse
    Mercy College of Nursing

  221. Kimberly Luney :

    Ozark Methodist Manor Marionville Mo
    Mercy College of Nursing Springfield Mo

  222. Priscilla W. Hallman, RN :

    As a nursing educator I hope to impart this message to those I teach.

  223. UConn School of Nursing student

  224. Monica Chapman, RN, BSN :

    I’m Here

  225. Monica Chapman, RN, BSN :

    Oregon Health Sciences University
    I’m Here

  226. Chris Patterson, MSN, RN, CNE :

    I not only pledge to keep your words with me when working with patients, but your words will inspire the many nursing students that pass through my classes. Thank you for sharing your journey and making a difference in the lives of so many.

  227. Westfield State University Nursing Student

  228. Dorothy Sabo Norland :

    Retired orthopedic nurse, St. Louis, MO

  229. I currently am in my last semester as a nursing student at Shepherd University graduating May 2015. I take this inspiring pledge by always being there for my patients and their families letting them know “I’m Here”. I will also abide by the Golden Rule(do unto others as you would have them done unto you).

  230. elizabeth wheeler :

    I have always prayed that my presence with a hospital patient, a clinic client or a nursing student would be able to make a difference in the lives of those I have interacted with. There is very little opportunity to know if it has done that but, reading “I’m Here” tells me that we health professionals – and non-professionals such as housekeepers, dietary employees, security guards – all have some impact in ways we probably don’t know about and don’t get thanked for. Reading Marcus’ book has opened my eyes. When I teach this semester I will be sure to turn my student on to the I’m Here Pledge.

  231. Ornella Puente RN :

    Sometimes the biggest dose of courage is given by the smallest gestures…
    I’m here

  232. Jacqueline Roper, RN :

    University of Virginia Health System

  233. Sandi Potterton :

    LPN, Staff/Charge Nurse
    Heart of America Medical Center
    Long Term Care
    Rugby, ND

  234. Sharon harlan student nurse :

    I Sharon Harlan pledge to be present and available as much as I possibly can for my patients.

  235. Senior Nursing Student SSC RN UCF BSN
    Your story touched my heart. I pledge to always treat patients with my whole heart.

  236. Bruce Bailey, RN Paramedic :

    I am a Trauma Program Manager at Doctors Hospital in Augusta, GA. I hear Marcus speak to the nurses at STN Conference today and I want to take the pledge to say, “I’m Here” for my patients. I will be taking this back to my facility and bringing it to the Nursing Advisory Council to get it started in our facility.

    Marcus and Jennifer thank you so much for this inspirational story.


  237. Kelly Jarrell, RN, BSN, SANE :

    Trauma Performance Improvement Nurse Coordinator and Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center. Charlotte, NC

  238. Angie Clarkson RN :

    Novant Health-Presbyterian Medical Center

  239. Victoria Lopez :

    I am a USF undergraduate student hoping to represent the young generation of future healthcare professionals inspired by the I’M HERE movement and pledging to revive compassion and humanity in patient care.

  240. Stephanie Hastings, BSN, RN :

    American College of Surgeons,
    Chicago, IL

  241. Juana Seguel, RPSGT, RMA. :

    I am a RPSGT/RMA who wants to become a RN?

  242. Bayhealth Emergency DE

  243. RN-BSN student Methodist College Peoria, Il

  244. Kelsey Kerrigan :

    MRI Technologist at SIH

  245. Mark Wiese, CST :

    Surgical Technology Program Director
    Lanier Technical College
    Oakwood, Ga.

  246. Karen Thompson :

    Karen Thompson
    X-Ray Technician
    Lanier Technical College

  247. Elizabeth Sexter :

    BSN student at Adventist University in Orlando Florida

  248. Student @ Saint Louis Community College Florissant Valley

  249. Arsalan Hamid, BSN, RN :

    I had the pleasure of listening to Marcus at the 2015 FNSA annual convention as part of the Executive board where I was inspired by him and today I take this pledge to make these two words part of my everyday patient care as I begin my career as an ICU Nurse.

  250. Nicole Gibson :

    Access Associate, University of Virginia Neurosciences

  251. Bachelor of Science in Nursing student, Adventist University, Orlando, Florida

  252. Susan Murphy, RN BSN :

    University of Virginia, Geriatrics and Palliative Care

  253. Lisa M. Chaffee, NREMT :

    Nationally Registered EMT ( Certification in both MA and GA)

    Attended a lecture at Lanier Technical College, Oakwood GA where I am an instructor in Allied Health.

  254. Trauma Coordinator at University Medical Center-New Orleans

  255. I pledge to be an active participant in being a compassionate healthcare provider to the trauma population we serve in the Richmond, VA area. Thank you for your inspiration and dedication to spreading this amazing message.

  256. Vickie Roberts :

    Baylor Scott & White Hillcrest Medical Center

  257. Ginger Wilkins :

    Honored to join my colleagues in taking this pledge. As a former PICU nurse and now a Trauma Program
    Manager at a Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Center, this pledge speaks to my heart as the right way to care for patients and families. I had the great pleasure to share a meal with Marcus at the recent TQIP Conference. What an inspiring and uplifting example of grace and humility. Thank you, Marcus, for giving me new insight into the patient experience.

  258. Ronald M. Stewart, MD :

    I am honored to take the pledge and to redouble my efforts to be there for my patient. I work at the Level I Trauma Center at University Hospital and the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. Thank you Marcus! I hope you know what a difference you make.

  259. Elizabeth Chang :

    Nursing Professional Practice Leader, OHSU
    Portland, OR

  260. Susan Reese MSN RN-BC :

    Be ‘In the moment’

  261. Tiffany Burnham :

    Nursing student at the University of Michigan – Flint.

  262. Nursing Student at Goodwin College

  263. Theresa Barrett Bruno :

    Children’s Medical Services at USF
    Tampa, FL

  264. Lori Seaburn-Smart :

    RN nursing student. Mercy College of Nursing Springfield, MO

  265. Executive Director of Operations
    Botsford Commons Senior Community

  266. Saint Joseph Health System, Mishawaka Indiana

  267. Michelle Vuong :

    Michelle Vuong
    Marquette University

  268. Elizabeth M. Parry :

    Nursing Student – Marquette University

  269. Mandi Andreini :

    Nursing Student
    Marquette University

  270. Nursing – MU

  271. Bianca Whittaker, Ph.D :

    San Diego, California- MCC San Diego | ‎Federal Bureau Of Prisons -Clinician/ Medical Officer

  272. Roanoke, Virginia. I work for Carilion Clinic as a Clinical Team Lead in Orthopaedics 🙂

  273. Cameron B Patterson Clinical Associate in Thoracic Surgery ICU, Radiology Tech Assitant in Interventional Radiology :

    Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital in Roanoke, Virginia. Our facility is the only Level1 Trauma Center in the region. I attended and volunteered at our Inspiration 2016 Conference where You were a guest speaker and I was absolutely moved by your speech! I pledge to “Be There” for every single one of my patients and to always keep in mind the words that You spoke Marcus!! Thank You so very much for coming and sharing Your story with us and letting Me play with Garrett!!

  274. Lisa Dishner BSN, RN :

    Carilion Clinic in Roanoke VA

  275. Susan Irvine :

    Imaging Director, Carillon Stonewall Jackson Hospital

  276. It was a privilege to share the stage with you, Marcus, and to meet Tay and Garrett. You are a very special person in this world. Thanks for making a difference.

  277. Celeste Zachary :

    Current nursing studen at University of Michigan Flint

  278. Ashley Southern :

    Current Nursing student at the University of Michigan Flint and a patient care tech at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing MI

  279. Heather Clement- Nursing Student-University of Michigan-Flint :

    Nursing student @ University of Michigan-Flint…I proudly “Take the Pledge” and vow to incorporate it into my nursing practice!! Thank you for your inspiration.

  280. Brande Weihl-Nursing Student-University of Michigan-Flint :

    Thank you so much for sharing your inspirational story with us here in Flint Mi. I touched my heart as I’m sure it did for many, many others. I look forward to reading your work!

  281. Brande Weihl-Nursing Student-University of Michigan-Flint :

    Thank you so much for sharing your inspirational story with us here in Flint Mi. It touched my heart as I’m sure it did for many, many others. I look forward to reading your work!

  282. Audrey Allen Nurse Practitioner :

    I work at Henry Ford Health System Wyandotte MI

  283. Rev. Brian K. Shaffer :

    You and your story are a gift to us all. Thank you for sharing yourself with us at the annual Caring Coalition Conference in Michigan!
    St Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital
    St Joseph Mercy Hospice

  284. Tina Schoenherr Rn Case Manager Heart to Heart Hospice :

    Thank you for your generosity of spirit in sharing your story. I will proudly pay it forward with you.

  285. Christina Benton :

    Second semester nursing student at Hinds Community College Rankin Campus ❤️?

  286. Second semester nursing student at Pearl River Community College

  287. Quonsheryl Pittman :

    Second semester nursing student at Hinds Community College Rankin Campus!!

  288. Heather Long :

    Nursing student– I was so touched by the story Marcus shared at our MOADN convention.

  289. Karen Taylor, DNP, RN, CNE :

    Pearl River Community College
    ADN Program Chair and Instructor
    Poplarville, MS

  290. Paula Wyatt
    Nurse Manager
    Kootenai Health

  291. Chris Fairchild RN, BSN, OCN :

    SLUCare Hematology/Oncology

  292. Kim Carnal, RN, BSN
    The Heart Care Group/BJC Medical Group

  293. Amy L. Roach, CNA, PCA, US
    Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare
    Tallahassee, Fl

  294. Sue Sinton
    Patient Experience Coach, Hill Physicians Medical Group
    Sacramento, CA

  295. Elizabeth Foden MSc RN CPN :

    Pediatric Nurse
    Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital

  296. Kelly Kulczyk :

    Kelly Kulczyk BSN, RN
    Bronson Healthcare Group

  297. Julie Holmes RN
    Emerg Nurse Bronson Battle Creek

  298. Danielle Lovato :

    Danielle Lovato, RN
    Asst. Clinical Nurse Manager
    Cheyenne Regional Medical Center

  299. Billie Ann Rogers, LPN :

    Sanford Hospital Bismarck, ND

  300. John Parliaros :

    John Parliaros R.N. BSN, Operating Room, Hahneman Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa

  301. Kimberly A LaPoint :

    I just heard Marcus speak today for the first time. I was moved to tears and bought both of his books afterward. He is a huge inspiration and I will never forget the lessons I learned today. Thank you, Marcus, for sharing your story with all of us at Lima Memorial Health System in Lima, Ohio!

  302. Tami Jablonski :

    Tamara Jablonski MSN, RN Director of Emergency Services. Lima Memorial Health Systems

  303. Bonni Horwitz :

    Bonni Lapp Horwitz, MSN, RN, Director of Nursing
    Hebrew Health Care, West Hartford, CT.

  304. Debbie Siegel :

    Debbie Siegel RN, AEMT
    Mid Coast-Parkview Health
    I was so touched and thankful that you shared your story with us.

  305. Chris Costello :

    Chris Costello, PT
    Mid Coast- Parkview Health

  306. Volunteer EMT Roundhead, OH
    Thank you Marcus. I’m here.

  307. Laurene Ortowski Director Of Dietary, MaryWade Home, Ct :

    I was so inspired and touched by your story. I read both your books in one day. After hearing your story and reading both books, I had to email a nurse I worked with. It just clicked that she is both Jennifer and Barb every day I saw her interact with her residents and families. I told her how much I admired and respected her for being the nurse, I saw every day. I told her about your story. She asked if she could read the books. Her name is Kim Accettulo, RN. I promise to the residents, families, and the team, I’m Here!!!

  308. Jenni Zumel, RN :

    Registered Nurse
    Florida Hospital Waterman, Tavares,FL

  309. Chrysten Van Deven, RN :

    Registered Nurse
    Florida Hospital Apopka, FL

  310. Jodi Morrissey :

    Jodi Morrissey, MA, ATR
    Registered Art Therapist
    Activities & Trip Coordinator, Seabury, Bloomfield, CT
    Thank you for sharing your experiences and lessons. I was deeply moved to tears and laughter by your speech at the LeadingAge CT meeting and after reading your books. It is good to feel and to connect. It makes me happy to know that there are others out there in the world who understand what’s really important. I’m here. I’ve been here for years. I live here. So glad to have so much company! And I am honored to take the pledge.

  311. Marsha Brice :

    Marsha Brice, RN Oncology
    San Antonio, TX

    Those nurses at BJC, including Jenny, are the reason why I became a nurse. They taught me to love what I do and patients come first. Fantastic story!

  312. Hailey Bartlett :

    As a nursing student at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, I read this inspiring story in hopes to provide all my future patients with the compassion and trust that Marcus’s nurses showed him.

  313. terry bryan :

    Terry Bryan
    Registered Nurse
    Novant Health
    North Carolina

  314. Lela Gould, MSN, Family Nurse Practitioner
    Adjunct Nursing Faculty, Drexel University

  315. Sandy Jones :

    Sandy Jones MSN
    Nurse Educator, Paoli Hospital Emergency Department
    Main Line Health

  316. Amanda Imsenik :

    Loved hearing you speak! It will help me both as a nurse, and also as a person. Thank you!

  317. Elizabeth McCarthy :

    Elizabeth McCarthy
    Respiratory The rapist Neonatal Pediatric Specialist
    From Fountain Valley Regional Medical Center

  318. Elizabeth McCarthy :

    Elizabeth McCarthy
    Respiratory Therapist Neonatal Pediatric Specialist
    From Fountain Valley Regional Medical Center

  319. Maggie Cavanaugh :

    Maggie Cavanaugh Registered Nurse at RML Specialty Hospital Hinsdale Il

  320. Rhonda Tinti, RN
    Assistant Nurse Manager
    From Sacramento, Ca Kaiser Permanente

  321. Jason Sandoval :

    Jason Sandoval
    Patient Accounting CPB
    San Luis Valley Health
    Just heard Marcus speak for the first time, his story was very touching and inspiring. purchased both books, cant wait to read them! thank you Marcus Engel!

  322. Laura Johnson :

    My name is Laura Johnson and I am a speech language pathologist at the Spencer Municipal Hospital in Iowa. Even though I don’t get to be in the action when it happens, as many nurses and physicians, I get to be present and available after for care and therapy. I get to listen to the story and be a support through their journey. I pledge to be present and say “I am here.”

    Thank you Mark for sharing your story and being an inspiration to us all!

  323. I am here!

    Barb Helberg RN BSN
    Cambridge Manor

  324. Kat Solernou
    Certified Child Life Specialist
    Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital

  325. I currently work at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center as a Patient Care Associate, registering patients in the ER. I am in the Nursing Program at Goodwin College to become an RN.

  326. Kristina Barsczewski :

    Kristina Barsczewski
    I am in the Nursing Program at Goodwin College. In less than a year, I will be and RN. I vow to always be present and let my patients know I AM HERE

  327. Sue Dickie
    Hospice Volunteer

  328. Beverly Satterwhite :

    Beverly Satterwhite BSN-RN
    Santa Clara Medical Center
    Thank you for sharing your story with us.
    I take the pledge to always be present and compassionate for my patients, Always and Forever “I AM HERE!”

  329. I take the pledge to always be present and compassionate for my patients, Always and Forever “I AM HERE!”
    Debbie Berg, MSN, RN
    Associate Dean/Director, Emeritus
    Nursing Education
    San Diego City College

  330. Dee Hendrickson :

    I take the pledge to always be as present and compassionate for my patients as possible.
    Dee Hendrickson, MSN, RN-BC
    Starkville, Mississippi

  331. Heather Hill BSN, RN, CCRN
    Baylor Scott & White All Saints Fort Worth

  332. Samantha Parnell :

    Samantha Parnell RRT, RCP JPS Hospital

  333. Michele Gray, RN, BSN, CEN
    ED Manager
    Medical Center Arlington


  334. Ashley Johnson :

    Ashley Johnson, RN
    Emergency Dept
    Unit Supervisor
    Medical center of Arlington

  335. Christy Boucher :

    Christy Boucher, RN
    Emergency Dept
    Medical Center Arlington

  336. Evelyn Ilagan :

    Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego.

  337. Marissa Labate :

    Marissa Labate, BSN, RN, CCRN, PHN
    Sharp Memorial Hospital SICU

  338. Cynthia Stock :

    Cynthia Stock, MSN, RN, CCRN at Medical City Dallas CVICU for 35 years.

  339. Shannon Boles :

    Trauma Nurse Practitioner
    Washington University in St. Louis

  340. philip mertz, RN :

    Highland Hospital ER, Alameda Health System, Oakland, Cal. 94602

  341. Katie Wemple BSN, RN, CBN
    Clinical Nurse Manager
    Kettering Medical Center, Kettering, Ohio

  342. Tommi Cline, MSN, RN
    Nurse Manager
    Christian Hospital, St.Louis, Missouri

  343. Tiffany Riegel :

    Tiffany Riegel, RN Christian Hospital NE, St. Louis, MO

  344. Jessica Krygielski :

    Jessica Krygielski RN, BSN
    Surgical ICU
    ProMedica Toledo Hospital, Toledo Ohio

  345. Loriann Martin :

    I am a Assistant Nurse Manager and work contingent in the Emergency Department

  346. Shana Porter, RN

  347. Keegan Caughey :

    Keegan Caughey
    Nursing Student

  348. Alyssa Reichel :

    Patient Care Administrative Technician

  349. Sarah Poorman :

    Student Nurse

  350. Nursing student and Indiana University School of Nursing

  351. I pledge to be present and available as much as possible for my patients.

  352. Abigail Marguet :

    Abigail Marguet, NICU

  353. Kristen Headdy :

    Kristen Headdy, Patient Care Intern, IU Health Bloomington Hospital

  354. I’m here ❤️

  355. Peri Kane- IU Bloomington Nursing Stident — patient care tech at St. Vincent Indianapolis, patient care intern at IU Universitu hospital

  356. Jessica Lecea :

    Indiana University Bloomington, senior nursing student

  357. Jasmine Allen :

    Senior nursing student at Indiana University School of Nursing, Patient Care Intern IU Health Resource

  358. Alexander Clark :

    Alexander Clark MA-P – Clinical Educator
    MultiCare Health System

  359. Sue McKegney
    Patient Advocate
    ECMC (Erie County Medical Center)
    Buffalo, NY

  360. Beaumont hospital troy, RN


    Heather Miller RN
    Visiting Psychiatric Nurse
    Excela Health Greensburg, PA

  362. Sarah Washburn :

    Sarah Washburn, RN
    EPIC Inpatient Rehabilitation
    Latrobe Hospital
    Latrobe, Pa

  363. Paula McCauley :

    Paula McCauley APRN, ACNP-BC
    University of Connecticut

  364. Kellie Walker :

    Kellie Walker, RN
    Data Quality Coordinator
    Tift Regional Medical Center

  365. Elaine Branch :

    Elaine Branch, RN
    ICU Nightshift Charge Nurse
    Tift Regional Medical Center

  366. Yevonne Powers :

    Hello, my name is Yevonne Powers. I am a nurse with Plastic and Reconstructive surgery with Carilion Clinic in Roanoke Virginia. I have read “I’m Here” and found it so inspirational. I have learned so many great tips on how to be a better nurse to my patients and a better person to my friends and family. Thank you so much.
    P.S. I am a huge Johnny Cash fan.

  367. Carey DeLuca :

    Carey M DeLuca, BSN, RN, CRN- Interventional Radiology, Johns Hopkins Hospital

  368. Steve Hall, RN :

    Steve Hall, RN
    Carilion New River Valley Medical Center
    Cardiac Cath Lab

  369. Ken Walters, BS, PTA :

    Ken Walters, BS, PTA
    Carilion Clinic Out Patient Rehabilitation
    South Jefferson Street

  370. Sonia Fitzwater :

    Sonia Fitzwater, RDCS, FASE
    Cardiology Department
    Carilion New River Valley Medical Center

  371. Whitney Ray , Carilion Clinic, Wellness Director

  372. Shaniqua Wallace :

    Carilion Clinic , Health Record Analyst

  373. Chandra Williamson :

    My name is Chandra Williamson, Radiology Technologist at Roanoke Memorial Hospital in Roanoke Va

  374. I am from Roanoke Memorial (Carilion) in Roanoke VA.
    I have the honor of serving others there, as a Nursing Assistant in an ICU…. and am studying toward the goal of being a Physician Assistant in Emergency Medicine. I am a former Air Force Medic.
    I am very grateful to be in the field I’m in and get to use my God given talents to help others! : )

  375. Lisa Carleno :

    Lisa Carleno
    MOA II
    Carilion Brambleton Family Practice

  376. Julie Thomas, RDCS :

    I’m a Cardiac Sonographer with Carilion Clinic in Roanoke, VA.

  377. Charlene Woodby :

    I am a Certified Medical Assistant at Institute of Orthopaedics​ and Neurosciences in the Spine Department with Carilion Clinic in Roanoke VA.

  378. Erin Murphy, Rn BSN, CTL NeuroTrauma ICU at the Carillon Clinic

  379. Molly Laufer :

    Molly Laufer, EMT-B Christiansburg Rescue, NA & CA at Carilion Clinic

  380. Shannon Shaffer :

    Shannon Shaffer-Carilion Clinic

  381. Amanda Anderson :

    Amanda Anderson BSN, RN, PCCN-K Simulation Lab Education Facilitator at Carilion Clinic, Roanoke, VA

  382. Krystle Womack :

    Nationally Registered Certified Medical Assistant, Carilion Clinic Urogynecology, Roanoke Virginia

  383. My name is Amber Boone and I work at Carilion Clinic. I am currently attending nursing school.

  384. Kim Bowden
    RN on Mother Baby Unit for 25 years at Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital
    Thoroughly enjoyed your story, what an inspiration you are!

  385. Heather Corns :

    Current EMT, Current nursing student

  386. Pediatric RN in Kansas City, MO

  387. Caitlin Krzywonski :

    Caitlin Krzywonski
    Patient Care Tech on 45 Surgical Trauma
    UCHealth – Memorial Central Colorado Springs, CO
    You were truly an inspiration. Tears came to my eyes as a listened to your story. I get to give my heart to this profession every single day and I love it.

  388. Amber Grant
    Office Coordinator with UCHealth Medical Group

  389. Donnie DeCamp :

    Donnie DeCamp RN, MSN, VA-BC, CRNI
    UCHealth Northern Colorado
    Medical center of the Rockies
    Poudre Valley Hospital

  390. Michelle Williams :

    Michelle Williams
    Manager, Clinic Operations
    UCHealth Cancer Care
    Poudre Valley Radiation Oncology

  391. I thank you for sharing your very touching story. I have worked in the healthcare field for 20 years and am blessed every day that I get the opportunity to help others and work for an amazing healthcare system. I take the pledge to be present and available as much as possible for all patients and the staff who help care for them.
    Practice Administrator
    UCHealth Medical Group

  392. Kelli Dunn
    UCHealth – Medical Center of the Rockies
    Loveland, CO

  393. Maryann Fillingim :

    Maryann Fillingim, UCHealth in northern Colorado

  394. Angela Jones :

    Angela Jones BSN RN uchealth in Fort Collins, Colorado.

    Marcus is a great inspiration to all. Thank you Marcus for sharing your Story. All I want to say is “I’m here!!” to support this campaign.

  395. Geri Tamborelli :

    Geri Tamborelli, Associate CNO, RN

  396. Treena Dockery :

    Treena Dockery, MBA/HCM, PMP

  397. Sandra Russell :

    Sandy Russell
    Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation
    Medical Center of the Rockies – UCHealth

  398. Wendy Sultzman :

    Wendy Sultzman OTD OTR/L
    Occupational Therapist, Team Leader
    UC Health/Poudre Valley Hospital, Fort Collins, CO

  399. Lydia Baldwin :

    Lydia Baldwin
    Nurse Manager
    UCHealth/Poudre Valley Hospital, Fort Collins, CO

  400. Lisa Toko-Ross :


  401. Sharon Hamman :

    Sharon Hamman

    I am an Organizational Development Consultant who supports leaders and staff so they may best care for patients.

  402. Darby Thonhoff :

    Darby Thonhoff
    Regional Practice Administrator
    UC Health Medical Group

  403. Christy Ruffell :

    Christy Ruffell
    UCHealth Medical Group Urology Clinics

    Yes, I work at UCHealth Medical Group

  404. Jen VanLaningham :

    Jen VanLaningham
    Manager of Clinic Operations
    Urology and General Surgery – Ft. Collins
    UCHealth Medical Group

  405. Marcia Snook, RN, BSN
    Practice Administrator
    Fort Collins Family Medicine Residency Program
    Family Medicine Center

  406. Jim Bushatlich - nurse manager :

    Thank you

  407. University of Colorado Health
    Poudre Valley Hospital
    Radiology Support

  408. Kathryn Kirkpatrick BSN, RN, OCN :

    “I’m Here” so incredibly real, basic, and vital. Thanks for the refresher to priorities.

  409. Kimarie Brown RN Clinic Manager :

    Thank you for being our Keynote Speaker during Patient Experience Week at UCHealth, Fort Collins, CO.
    Moved to tears during your presentation!
    Please keep the I’m Here Movement going!

  410. Julie Griffin :

    Julie Griffin
    Care Management RN Team Lead
    UCHealth- PVH

  411. Corie Helms, LCSW, CAC II
    Behavioral Health Supervisor
    UCHealth- Mountain Crest

  412. Amber Sansone :

    Amber Sansone
    Trauma Surgical Unit
    Medical Center of the Rockies

  413. Kristy Kloppe :

    Kristy Kloppe
    Team Lead
    Mountain Crest Behavioral Health

  414. Jennifer Markotay :

    Make eye contact when speaking, laugh and connect with your patient on a human level. I’m Here…
    Clinical Nurse Manager
    Ft. Collins, CO

  415. Heather Roth :

    Heather Roth, Nurse Manager

  416. Erin Stewart :

    Erin Stewart
    Charge Nurse
    Loveland, Colorado

  417. Kristina M. Jenkins :

    Kristina M. Jenkins, BSN, RNC-OB, c-EFM, CLC
    UCHealth-Poudre Valley Hospital-Fort Collins, Colorado

  418. Holly Hatfield :

    Holly Hatfield BSN, RN, CPAN
    Baptist Health Louisville

  419. Kathe M. Lorance MSN, RN, AGNP-C :

    Associate Nurse Manager

    “Those two little works are verbal embrace, a warm safe place of protection”

    Thank you Marcus

  420. Lauren Gaylord :

    Registered Nurse
    Bayhealth Medical Center- Kent Campus

  421. Jaswinder Kaur :

    RN. Kaiser Permanente

  422. Tawny Burgess :

    Tawny Burgess
    Manager- UCHealth, CO

  423. Kristen Stephens-Hoskin :

    Kristen Stephens-Hoskin LPN
    Hope Enterprises, Inc. Pennsylvania

  424. Alanna Fitzgerald :

    Alanna Fitzgerald, BSN, RN, PCCN
    Registered Nurse
    Munson Healthcare, Traverse City, MI

  425. Charlene Trimeloni MSN, RN, CCRN-CMC, PCCN :

    Present at the bedside 30 yrs this December!
    Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center – DLP, Johnstown, PA

  426. Donna Goyer RN :

    My goal is to always provide compassionate care for my patients and families yet now realize I have not always been “present”. Now my goal is to live in the “I’m here” moment!

  427. Marie Singleton :

    Marie Singleton, BSN, RN
    RN Patient Advocate
    Presence Holy Family Medical Center
    Des Plaines, IL

  428. Stephen Romitz :

    Stephen Romitz, RN
    Catawba Valley Medical Center
    Hickory, NC

  429. micaela palazzolo :

    Micaela Palazzolo RN
    St Lukes Hospital
    chesterfield mo

  430. Jennifer May Bergstrom :

    Jennifer May Bergstrom
    Patient Advocate
    Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital

  431. Natalie NICU, Unit Coordinator and ADN student

  432. Carole Woomer :

    Carole Woomer, RN Supervisor
    Kenmore Mercy Hospital, Kenmore, NY

  433. Wendy Brennan :

    I am patient access at Maine general in Augusta Maine. I have been involved in personal care for 16 years and being part of this seminar is a great reminder how one moment in time can make a huge impact on someone.

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